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...Dimensional Lumber, Mulches and Biofuel from the recycling of salvaged and reclaimed urban forests
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Green Waste Recycle Yard diverts urban trees from landfills and transforms them into lumber, flooring, landscape steps and timbers, mulches, and biomass fuel.

Green Waste Recycle Yard
the recycling division of
The Professional Tree Care Company

Yard Hours: 7:00a-4:00p, Mon-Sat
General & Mulch: (510) 527-8733
Lumber & Flooring: (510) 665-4517
Fax: (510) 549-3965

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Mailing Address:
PO Box 2377
Berkeley CA 94702

Please call for current prices.

GWRY RFQ/Order Form (pdf)

Eucalyptus Landscape Timbers- 2019 Pricing (pdf)

Dimensional Lumber Products

  1. California Native Dimensional Lumber
  2. Pine & Eucalyptus Flooring
  3. Landscape Retaining Walls and Step Blocks

Eucalyptus Landscape Timbers- 2018 Pricing (pdf)

Dimensional Lumber
Tabletops & Slabs

Supports & Trusses


Eucalyptus Landscape Timbers

Landscape Retaining Walls - McCaffery Bros Landscape

Eucalyptus Landscape Timbers- 2018 Pricing (pdf)

Reclaimed Urban Forest Logs

Claro Walnut logs
Claro Walnut logs

Tamalpais NatureWorks designs and builds all natural furniture and furniture

Tamalpais NatureWorks
designers and builders of Arts and Culture furniture is proud to specify the dimensional lumber that Green Waste Recycle Yard makes available to the Green Conscious Community.

McCaffrey Brothers
is an eco-conscious contracting company who uses GWRY recycled products, such as the eucalyptus step blocks and retaining walls seen in their two projects on the left, and the Treeincarnation® Mulch to the right.



Landscape Steps - McCaffery Bros Landscape

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